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The start

At Queen Street Station in Glasgow you can identify fellow Challengers.  They’re the ones wearing no cotton waiting for northbound trains with brick-dense backpacks at their feet, the smaller the better.  Size matters in this business.

I took the train to Inverness, then changed for Strathcarron, a rail stop where you can’t even buy a ticket and where a post office truck comes by twice a week to sell stamps and pick up packages.

There is a village nearby, but I didn’t have to go there because there is a hotel next to the railroad tracks.  Next to it is a single street with blocks of houses, some of them empty.

It was drizzly and cool.  But this morning, the starting day, it’s sunny.  But not likely to stay that way for long.

Here is the route profile of the first day of the hike.

Day 1 profile

Day 1

I have an hour to do the final cull and have a small package of rejected items ready for the mail person when he or she shows up at 11. I’ll collect it in Montrose, the terminus, in two weeks, God willing.

Then it’s time (as they say) to crack on.


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  1. Kit and Kate

    Following along in admiration from our dry and comfortable desert home here in Phoenix. Snow last weekend in Flagstaff, but our own sunny weather is trending back up into the 90’s. We’re savoring this opportunity to see the Highlands with you again, as you head out into the misty hills! May the wind be at your back, amigo.

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