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A few statistics

There are 322 people enrolled in The Great Outdoors  Challenge (hereafter TGOC).  The demographics skews sharply to the retired and near-retired by the look of the list.  There are only eight walkers under 30, but 32 over 70, three over 80 and one 91-year-old man who will be making his 20th “crossing,” as it’s called.

There are 142 solo walkers, one of them me.  I learned of the hike a couple of weeks before the application deadline and couldn’t round up someone else to come along.  But my advisor Roger Hoyle, soon to be an eight-time “Challenger,” assures me I’ll meet lots of people along the way.  I’m sure he’s right.  Forty-six people are starting from Mallaig, where I will, and 86 will end up at St. Cyrus, where I hope I will also.

There are 42 couples, four father/son  teams, one father/daughter team, one mother/father/son team, and a pair of brothers.

Eight countries besides the United Kingdom are represented:  the Netherlands (16), the United States (10),  Austria (2), France (2), Germany (2) , Denmark (1), Oman (1) and Nigeria (1).


  1. ellen

    Blog looks great and interesting info you hadn’t shared. Look forward to following your ramble. Have fun and hope the sun is out more than not! xo

  2. your brother

    remember, don’t go out too fast.

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