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Scenes along the way

It’s sometimes nice to have a hot lunch.

For the English and Scots walkers, it’s worth the trouble of getting out the boiler just for tea in the afternoon.

Braemar Castle was closed, but it looked like Christo had come back from the dead to wrap it.

Some days, you can be sure, Mucomist is more accurate.

Road signs or Rorschach test? You be the judge.

Morning ablutions.

It’s hard to believe that with so much to climb in the Highlands that a park would need to put “anti climb paint” on its toilet block. (Photo by Ole Hollesen)

This is a rather odd thing to see parked in front of a second-hand store in Scotland.

This wasn’t entirely a surprise.

There were wildflowers.

It’s always nice to get a second bite at the apple (blossoms).

And in every village there is a monument to those lost in the Great War, mourned and remembered. This is in Kingussie.

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  1. Kathy

    Here’s a story about why there is a Sarasota police car in Scotland.
    An English car buff (who later moved to Scotland) found a 2008 Chevrolet Impala 9C1 being auctioned on eBay. It was used by U.S. Air Force military police in Scotland. When the buyer, Caleb Keogh, began restoring it, he came upon Sarasota police car designs, and liked the look. Voila.

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